Patient Information Booklets - 20/20 Vision with Worse 'Symptoms'

LASIK surgery is promoted based on the eye chart. Like the general public, prospective LASIK patients believe that 20/20 means good vision. LASIK surgeons are happy to discuss LASIK outcomes in terms of how well a patient can read the letters on the eye chart without glasses. But LASIK surgeons don't want to talk about how 20/20 vision may be bad after LASIK. FDA-required clinical trials demonstrate that LASIK have a high number of complications, even with the latest FDA-approved technology.

      20/20 Vision with Worse night vision, Worse Starbusts, Worse Halos  

20/20 Vision with Worse Double Vision, Worse Ghost

20/20 Vision with Worse Dry Eyes

There are no images to show ''Worse Dry Eyes', but you can simulate it by stopping to blink. After about 20 seconds you will start feeling Dry Eyes. This is 'worse dry eyes' as the lasik industry calls it.